4 Creative Ways to Carry Around Your Presentation Materials

Out of all the things to be nervous about before competing, carrying your material should not be one of them.

I have come up with a few helpful tips when packing your competition materials.

First let’s name off all the items we know you NEED to bring for competitions:

  • Presentation Board
  • Stand for your board
  • Presentation slides
  • Business cards
  • Informational handouts
  • EPIC (but hefty) DECA blazers

Six things, not too bad… for those of you that have groups of three or two presenters. But, let’s be honest – people falling over trying to carry all of these things on the way to compete is a common scenario at #DECAICDC.

How can we fix this? Check out these ideas:

Option #1: Presentation Board Bags

You’re probably wondering why you haven’t thought about this sooner. A bag to carry your presentation board takes care of the biggest item you have to worry about, allowing you to easily hold on tight to your other materials.

Option #2: A Retractable Cart

If you’re flying to Nashville for #DECAICDC, this one may be a little bit harder to bring, but for those of you that are driving and can convince your advisor to let you take up a little extra room, this might be the answer to your presentation prayers! This will allow you to easily stack your materials and walk long distances to the competition area.

Option #3: A Cardboard Box

Sounds simple and it really is. This may not be the most attractive way to carry all of your materials, but it does get the job done. Just be sure to leave your box outside while your present so it is not a distraction!

Option #4: A DECA Bag

Last option listed but I really saved the best for last. At every DECA event, you are always given drawstring DECA bag and DECA Images even has different bags you can purchase on-site too. This is a perfect idea to take carry your materials while also showing your DECA pride!

All of these are guaranteed to make carrying your presentation materials a lot easier and who knows, it might even help you present better!

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