3 C’s That Will Make You DECA-mazing!

Congratulations! If you are heading to Nashville in April, that means you are one of the thousands of finalist preparing for the International Career Development Conference.

Since I am not competing at nationals this year, I thought I would share some of my favorite #DECAICDC tips and tricks for presenting.

Now while these are mainly for manual presentations, some can be applied to your role-play events.

Here to the 3 C’s of competition:


Competitors can use a significant amount of resources to make their manual unique. One of which is canva.com. This is an awesome website that can help with your media and visual appeal in your manual. Say for instance you want to spruce up your manual cover. After creating an account. you can click on poster and there are literally thousands of options to help you create your own cover for your manual. Also, if you are participating in an event requiring social media campaigns, it can also help you design your post. PicMonkey is another website really similar if you aren’t up to making an account.

Competition University

Now I'm all about free resources, but there's one tool that may cost you a little, but could be worth it in the end. Competition University literally helps you step-by-step when writing your manual. It can also help those involved in the role-play to study more and provide sample scenarios. A cheaper alternative is the DECA Compete app, which will help you better understand the curriculum you are presenting.


You could have the most amazing slides or a perfect board, but the truth is that the visual aids aren’t the ones presenting – you are! Everything you do has to make you stand out. Use the evaluation sheet as a guide for the basic information that should be in your presentation, and then make it your own. There are substitutes for the first two, but this is by far the most important in presentations. Be ENTHUSIASTIC! It could be the determining factor of whether you are first or second.

So now you have the tools to #beDECAepic! Remember, proper practice prevents poor performance, and I can wait to see all of you at in Nashville for #DECAICDC 2016!

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