2015-2016 Collegiate DECA Leadership Passport Award Winners

If you have submitted an application for either of these and your name is not on the list, please check with your advisor about verifying the application.

For any questions/concerns about the passport, please contact us at askcollegiatedeca@deca.org.

Congratulations to the following winners:

Chapter Leadership Passport Award Winners


  • Arizona State University-Diplomatic
  • Grand Canyon University-Presidential
  • Northern Arizona University-Diplomatic
  • Scottsdale Community College-Presidential
  • South Mountain Community College-Diplomatic
  • University of Arizona-Presidential


  • University of Central Florida-Presidential


  • DePaul University-Presidential
  • Millikin University-Diplomatic


  • Fort Hays State University-Presidential


  • Endicott College-Presidential
  • University of Massachusetts Dartmouth-Executive
  • University of Massachusetts Dartmouth-Presidential


  • Central Michigan University-Presidential


  • Minnesota State University Moorhead-Executive
  • Ridgewater Hutchinson -Diplomatic
  • South Central College-Mankato-Presidential
  • St. Cloud State University-Presidential


  • Columbia College-Diplomatic
  • University of Central Missouri-Presidential

North Dakota

  • Mayville State University-Diplomatic
  • University of North Dakota-Executive


  • University of Nevada, Las Vegas-Presidential


  • University of Pittsburgh-Presidential

Rhode Island

  • Bryant University-Diplomatic
  • Community College of Rhode Island, Knight Chapter-Presidential
  • Community College of Rhode Island, Lincoln Chapter-Presidential
  • Community College of Rhode Island, Liston Chapter-Presidential
  • Johnson & Wales University-Diplomatic


  • Austin Community College-Executive
  • Texas Tech University -Executive
  • The University of Texas at Dallas-Presidential
  • University of Houston-Presidential


  • LDS Business College-Presidential
  • Snow College-Presidential


  • Gateway Technical College Kenosha-Presidential
  • Racine Gateway Technical College-Presidential
  • University of Wisconsin- Whitewater-Presidential
  • University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire-Presidential

Individual Leadership Passport Award Winners


Arizona (Blue)

  • Amy Rosi, Northern Arizona University
  • Ben Lazarine, University of Arizona  
  • Emily Jackman, Arizona State University      
  • Georgina Mendoza, South Mountain Community College   
  • Glydel Jabagat, South Mountain Community College          
  • Glydel Mae Jabagat, South Mountain Community College  
  • Jazmine Bustillo, South Mountain Community College        
  • Jeremy Rogers II, University of Arizona
  • Jerman Carrera, Arizona State University     
  • John Barnes Jr, South Mountain Community College           
  • Jonathan Mills, Northern Arizona University
  • Joseph Ishak, Scottsdale Community College           
  • Kaiya Henderson, South Mountain Community College       
  • Matthew Johnson, Scottsdale Community college   
  • Michael Smith, Arizona State University      
  • Nicolas Parra, Arizona State University         
  • Roman Ellefson, Scottsdale Community College      
  • Ryan Lindale, South Mountain Community College  
  • Terrence Trimble, Glendale Community College
  • Jonathan Raus, South Mountain Community College

Colorado (Blue)

  • Allison Sitler, University of Colorado at Boulder      
  • Hoodish Domun, University of Colorado at Boulder
  • Lara Walden, University of Colorado at Boulder      
  • Mekena Nelson, University of Colorado at Boulder  

Florida (Blue)

  • Brianna Reynolds, University of Central Florida       
  • Brandon Guy, Johnson & Wales University, North Miami Campus  
  • Lisa Ben-Chaim, University of Central Florida          
  • Nora Dkeidek, University of Central Florida
  • Christian Pacheco, University of Central Florida       
  • Cody Zavada, University of Central Florida   
  • Vanessa Gomez, University of Central Florida         

Illinois (Blue)

  • Brendan Kerestes, DePaul University
  • Brooke Thompson, Millikin University           
  • Courtney Tulak, Millikin University
  • David Janus, DePaul University
  • Janak   Patel, DePaul University        
  • Kassandra Entona, DePaul University
  • Kiara Smail, Millikin University         
  • Leena  Almasri, DePaul University    
  • Matthew Johnson, DePaul University
  • Odette Hurtado Hidalgo, DePaul University  
  • Paola Guerrero-Toledo, DePaul University
  • Peyten Burton, Millikin University     
  • Quinn  Nguyen, Millikin University   
  • Rachel Zarky, DePaul University
  • Ryan Janning, DePaul University       
  • Solomon Ariwoola, DePaul University          
  • Taylor  Wilson, Millikin University    

Kansas (Blue)

  • Ashley Nease, Fort Hays State University
  • Brianna Spexarth, Fort Hays State University           
  • Gracie Defore, Fort Hays State University 
  • Megan Schlochtermeier, Fort Hays State University
  • Zachary Dziadul, Fort Hays State University

Massachusetts (Blue)

  • Alexandra, McIntosh University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
  • Bryan Moore, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
  • Carlene Byrne, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth      
  • Corey Morris, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth        
  • Danielle Lawrence, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
  • Emmanuel Fernandes, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth     
  • Jessica Griswold, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
  • Justin Lawrence, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth  
  • Kelsey Garcia, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth      
  • Myles Dias, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth           
  • Nicole Howell, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth      
  • Puneet Anjuri, University Of Massachusetts Dartmouth      
  • Rachel Jean, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth         
  • Russell Mangsen, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth 
  • Sara Mahan, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
  • Shannon Crocker, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth 

Michigan (Blue)

  • Taryn Cornman, Northwood University

Minnesota (Blue)

  • Andrew Clauson, St. Cloud State University 

Missouri (Blue)

  • Bethany Myers, University of Central Missouri        
  • Blake LaRue, University of Central Missouri 
  • Brady Bickert, University of Central Missouri           
  • Brennen Lipp, University of Central Missouri
  • Chris VanCleave, University of Central Missouri       
  • Connor Lake, University of Central Missouri 
  • Corey Bigler, University of Central Missouri 
  • David Johnson, University of Central Missouri         
  • Jamie Yust, University of Central Missouri
  • Jessie Borgmann, University of Central Missouri     
  • Kaitlin Eisenbath, University of Central Missouri     
  • Kristin  Campbell, University of Central Missouri     
  • Matthew Frappier, Columbia College of Missouri    
  • Megan Kloepper, University of Central Missouri      
  • Mercedes Nute, Columbia College of Missouri
  • Nicholas Cullum, University of Central Missouri      
  • Nicholas Palmer, University of Central Missouri      
  • Yuliya Kryshchendyuk, University of Central Missouri

North Dakota (Blue)

  • Alicia Nopola, Mayville State University       
  • Anthony Stockfish, Mayville State University
  • Ashley Kovar, University of North Dakota
  • Austin  Shroyer, University of North Dakota
  • Benjamin Myszkowski, Mayville State University    
  • Brittany Secord, University of North Dakota
  • Brock Sherva, Mayville State University       
  • Christopher Snook, Mayville State University           
  • David Dukart, Mayville State University        
  • Donte  Stevens, Mayville State University    
  • Emily Rapkoch, University of Mary   
  • Evan Romuld, University of North Dakota
  • Garrett Dillon, University of North Dakota
  • Jacob Pladson, Mayville State University      
  • Jordan Johnson, Mayville State University   
  • Kade Pengilly, Mayville State University       
  • Leigh Dean, Mayville State University          
  • Madeleyne, Gallardo  Mayville State University      
  • Orson  Gallardo, Mayville State University  
  • Rhonda Hodges, Mayville State University   
  • Samantha Carlin, Mayville State University 


Nevada (Blue)

  • Abigail Bogarin, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
  • Blaze Lovell, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
  • Daniela Sanchez, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
  • Nicholas Portugal, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
  • Rochelle Mae Ruiz, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Rhode Island (Blue)

  • Abdallah Issa, Bryant University       
  • Alec Kolenda, Johnson & Wales University   
  • Alex Valm, Bryant University
  • Alyssa  Duncan, Johnson & Wales University
  • Andrew Donnelly, Johnson & Wales University        
  • Benjamin Stone, Bryant University   
  • Briana Geoghegan, Bryant University          
  • Cesar Michi, Community College of Rhode Island    
  • Devyn Vinson, Bryant University      
  • Emily Kremp, Johnson & Wales University   
  • Erika Koury, Bryant University
  • Gabriel Torres, Bryant University
  • Irving Martinez, Johnson & Wales University
  • John Wright, Johnson & Wales University    
  • Jonathan Lopez, Community College of Rhode Island          
  • Julia Clifford, Johnson & Wales University   
  • Katherine Connelly, Bryant University
  • Katherine Zecena Constanza, Johnson & Wales University  
  • Kevin McKeown, Johnson & Wales University        
  • Magen Cook, Bryant University
  • Mike Muldoon, Bryant University     
  • Nathaniel Rippin, Bryant University  
  • Parthenia Giannopoulos, Johnson & Wales University         
  • Raveena Goyal, Bryant University     
  • Roy Sylvander Johnson & Wales University
  • Sara Schlecht, Bryant University       
  • Taylor  Frech, Johnson & Wales University
  • William Tondo, Bryant University     

Texas (Blue)

  • Ami Hazel, University of Houston
  • Amit Shirsat, University of Texas at Dallas  
  • Anastasiya Beketskaia, The University of Texas at Dallas   
  • Angel Wang, University of Texas at Dallas   
  • Anuka  Dhakal, University of Texas at Dallas
  • Austin  Lee, University of Texas at Dallas     
  • Benjamin Henderson, University of Texas at Dallas 
  • Bhavna Kanapuram, University of Texas at Dallas   
  • Dheera Dammanna, University of Texas at Dallas    
  • George Peng, University of Texas at Dallas   
  • Grace Brann, University of Houston  
  • Gregory Walker, University of Texas at Dallas
  • Harshith Dasara, University of Texas at Dallas         
  • Jasmine Chemplanikal, University Of Texas at Dallas
  • Joanna Cherian, University of Texas at Dallas          
  • Jonathan Molinar, University of Texas at Dallas      
  • Justin Joseph, University of Texas at Dallas 
  • Kayla Maaraoui, University of Texas at Dallas         
  • Kelsi Edwards, University of Texas at Dallas
  • Khizra  Abbasi, University of Texas at Dallas
  • Krista Maaraoui, University of Texas at Dallas         
  • Lillian Hannigan, University of Texas at Dallas         
  • Madhukar Reddy, University of Texas at Dallas       
  • Mariam Allahrakha, University of Texas at Dallas   
  • Mehwish Ali, University of Texas at Dallas  
  • Mounika Mutyala, University of Texas at Dallas      
  • Nivedha Sukumar, University of Texas at Dallas      
  • Nousheen Karimi, University of Texas at Dallas       
  • Pinkey  Patel, University of Texas at Dallas  
  • Sara Irfan, University of Texas at Dallas       
  • Sejal Mali, University of Texas at Dallas      
  • Sesha Dasari, University of Texas at Dallas
  • Sesha Dasari, University of Texas at Dallas  
  • Sindhu Senthilkumar, University of Texas at Dallas 
  • Sneha  Ramashesha, University of Texas at Dallas
  • Soham Daptardar, University of Texas at Dallas      
  • Sravya Boppuri, University of Texas at Dallas          
  • Yee Luc, University of Texas at Dallas          
  • Yin Hsuan Pan, University of Texas at Dallas

Utah (Blue)

  • Alanna Taylor  LDS Business College  UT
  • Alison Wilson, LDS Business College
  • Beatriz de Carvalho Pucci, LDS Business College      
  • Brandon Rottler, LDS Business College
  • Brian Welch, LDS Business College   
  • David Valverde, LDS Business College
  • Dezmon Dean, LDS Business College
  • Dillon Schildan, LDS Business College           
  • Elizabeth Anderson, Snow College    
  • Heath Andreasen, LDS Business College
  • Jason Shepherd, LDS Business College         
  • Jesse   Coleman-Martinez, LDS Business College
  • Jose Sanchez, LDS business college  
  • Julie Robinson ,LDS Business College
  • Lesa Eastes, LDS Business College    
  • Manuel Vegas, LDS Business College
  • Matthew Everett, LDS Business College       
  • Parker  Romney, LDS Business College         
  • Rachel Duncan, LDS Business College           
  • Rosa Pinto, LDS Business College     
  • Tannen Bills, LDS Business College   

Virginia (Blue)

  • Ameera Choudhury, George Mason University         
  • Amy Chen, George Mason University
  • Bashar Abdu, George Mason University       
  • Catherine Bitangcol, George Mason University        
  • Jian Sun, George Mason University  
  • Laura Lowery, George Mason University      
  • Menahil Rauf, George Mason University
  • Pralfah Ratchatavitayakul, George Mason University          

Wisconsin (Blue)

  • Adrian Laluz, Gateway Technical College
  • Alexander Zalewski, University of Wisconsin Whitewater  

Wyoming (Blue)

  • David Zlomke, Laramie County Community College 
  • Brandon McKee, Laramie County Community College         


Arizona (Gold)

  • Alison Graham, University of Arizona Collegiate
  • Antonio Martinez, Estrella Mountain Community College   
  • Cameron Brown, University of Arizona
  • Christopher Majcher, Scottsdale Community College          
  • Daniel Kelly, Scottsdale Community College
  • Darcie  Hill, Arizona State University
  • Dominic Padula, University of Arizona          
  • Haley Harper, University of Arizona  
  • Hannah Dabbs, Arizona State University      
  • Jamila Pierce, Scottsdale Community College
  • Jonathan Mills, Northern Arizona University
  • Kayla Chavez,  Northern Arizona University  
  • Kyle Klem, University of Arizona       
  • Mary Kavan, Arizona State University           
  • Roberto Galaviz, Arizona State University
  • Tyler Jacobs, University of Arizona   

Florida (Gold)

  • Brittany Lark, University of Central Florida
  • Claudia Aguirre, University of Central Florida          
  • Julian Brownlee, University of Central Florida
  • Mohammad Ali, University of Central Florida          
  • Nathan Moore , University of Central Florida
  • Paul Santonastaso, University of Central Florida     
  • Renee  Richards, University of Central Florida         

Illinois (Gold)

  • Amanda Lee, Millikin University       
  • Carina Brenner, Millikin University   
  • Eric Jenkins, DePaul University          
  • Kamil Strycharz, DePaul University   
  • Katie Swaykus, DePaul University     
  • Matthew Kurpiel, DePaul University 
  • Sara Rash, DePaul DECA        
  • Taylor Wilson, Millikin University     

Kansas (Gold)

  • Felix Albl, Fort Hays State University
  • Josey Vandiver, Fort Hays State University   
  • Megan Schlochtermeier, Fort Hays State University
  • Micah  Fabarez, Fort Hays State University  
  • Michaela Diercks, Fort Hays State University           

Massachusetts (Gold)

  • Brianna Perry, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth      
  • Filipe Palma, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
  • Joel Martins, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth        
  • Nicole  Howell, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth     
  • Olaitan Tayo, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth         
  • Parker  Brooks, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

Minnesota (Gold)

  • Abigail McDonald, St. Cloud State University
  • Kelsey  Jones, St. Cloud State University
  • Michael Wigstrom, Saint Cloud State University     
  • Shelby Ridinger, St. Cloud State University  
  • Tony Margiotta, Saint Cloud State University           

Missouri (Gold)

  • Ashley Ficken, University of Central Missouri           
  • Emily Northen, University of Central Missouri          
  • Michael Richardson Jr., Columbia College    

North Dakota (Gold)

  • Shawn Peterson, University of North Dakota
  • Laura Ewert, Mayville State University
  • Leighanna Helgoe, Mayville State University
  • Remington Werner, Mayville State University         

New Jersey (Gold)

  • Reinaldo Cordova, Essex County College       

Nevada (Gold)

  • Annie Bellorin, University of Nevada, Las Vegas    
  • April Carrillo, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
  • Aurora Chen, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
  • Bianca Cseke, University of Nevada, Las Vegas  
  • Bonnie Lei, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
  • Jailene Vazquez, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
  • Johana Mendoza, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
  • Michelle Le, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
  • NgaSze Yau, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
  • Nicholas Huynh, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
  • Randolph Huynh, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
  • Ryan Alfred Arinas, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Pennsylvania (Gold)

  • Ross Micka, University of Pittsburgh
  • Samuel Wright, University of Pittsburgh      
  • Michael Adams, University of Pittsburgh     
  • Zachary Martick, University of Pittsburgh     
  • Aaron Hank, University of Pittsburgh

Rhode Island (Gold)

  • Alexandra Parsons, Johnson & Wales University
  • Ashley Cardona, Bryant University    
  • Danica Wilson, Bryant University      
  • Daniela Soriano, Community College of Rhode Island/Liston          
  • Deleita Gyasi, Johnson & Wales University
  • Edyn Zapata – Montesdeoca, Johnson & Wales University          
  • Jonathan Plante, Community College or Rhode Island/Lincoln        
  • Joseph Esposito, Johnson & Wales University
  • Justin   Watkins, Community College of Rhode Island          
  • Marcus Bonnenberg, Community College of Rhode Island  
  • Maria Rangel, Community College of Rhode Island
  • Nina Soares, Community College of Rhode Island/Liston
  • Rosseline Bencosme, Community College of Rhode Island/ Knight
  • Suzan Erkeskin, Community College of Rhode Island
  • Thao Dang, Community College of Rhode Island      
  • Vincent Vozzella, Community College of Rhode Island        

Texas (Gold)

  • Aman Vakharia, University of Texas at Dallas
  • Anishka Kappalayil, University of Texas at Dallas    
  • Diana   Pinzon, University of Texas at Dallas
  • Joshua Koshy, Austin Community College     
  • Ola Saleh, University of Texas at Dallas
  • Rebecca Raymond, University of Texas at Dallas
  • Saachi Minocha,  University of Texas at Dallas        

Utah (Gold)

  • Adam Ovard, LDS Business College  
  • Austin  Standing, LDS Business College        
  • Caleigh Niesporek, LDS Business College
  • Daniel Carter, LDS Business College 
  • Elizaveta Kaygorodova, LDS Business College          
  • Kimi Bailey, Snow College     
  • Laura Matus,  LDS Business College 
  • Marie West, LDS Business College   
  • Mary Grajales, LDS Business College
  • Michael Rich, LDS Business College
  • Shaylyn Carrell, LDS Business College           

Wisconsin (Gold)

  • Alexandrea Busch, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater     
  • Alison  Komas, University of Wisconsin- Whitewater          
  • Brandy Hickey, Gateway Technical College Kenosha
  • Brittany Deschaine, University of Wisconsin- Whitewater  
  • Cheyenne Keyes, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater        
  • David Czuper, Gateway Technical College
  • Lindsay Racine, Gateway Technical College
  • Magnolia Ruet, Gateway Technical College Kenosha          
  • Mary Hvizdak, Racine Gateway
  • Max Jadin, University of Wisconsin Whitewater      
  • Nicholas Herzberg, University of Wisconsin – Whitewater    

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