How DECA Can Develop Skills for a Variety of Careers

My name is Tyler and I am a junior at the University of Arizona. I have been in DECA since my sophomore year of high school, and it has help develop me into the person I am today.

I am studying Business Economics at the University of Arizona, and plan on attending law school when I graduate.

Without the skills I have gained through DECA, I would not be as confident about accomplishing this goal.

DECA offers a variety of professional development opportunities that can assist growth in any career field. Of course, DECA offers the resources to develop any young business mind through tests, presentations, networking, and leadership. The skills gained from providing business insight to specific case studies allow students to think on the spot and simulates a real business atmosphere.

In terms of the skills necessary to get into an elite law school, DECA offers that as well. I have by no means completed the goal, but I am currently in the process. I have seen myself grow and I am confident that now I am ready to take the next step into my future.

The specific skills that I am referring to are the ability to speak on the spot, make a strong argument, work very hard on long projects, learn hoe to deal with the pressure to preform, and think about issues in creative ways. There are so many more ways DECA has helped me, but these are the keys skills that will lead future opportunities in my career field.

I’m sure others in different fields agree DECA can help you in any industry.  I hope that it is clear that DECA offers a broad range of development opportunity and is something that should interest those who are not business majors as well.

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