6 Tips to Calm Your Nerves Before Competition

Getting nervous before a big presentation or DECA competition is natural, but don't let your nerves ruin all your hard work!

Check out these quick tips on combating nervousness for an EPIC performance:

  1. Be well rehearsed.

If it’s a prepared event, this is definitely crucial. Even if you aren’t in a prepared event, go through practice role-plays. Ask a friend to help you out and give feedback. Don’t forget to study for those multiple choice questions, they count for a significant portion of your score. The more you practice, the more natural your presentation will feel!

  1. Give yourself a pep talk.

It may seem silly, but a positive attitude will take you far. Maybe even do some power poses. You may look ridiculous now, but you won’t look so ridiculous when you’re walking away with that first place medal.

  1. Inhale and exhale.

Just breathe, your brain needs lots of oxygen to get those creative juices flowing. Do some deep breathing to calm those nerves.

  1. Get a full eight hours.

Make sure you get in some good sleep before you compete. There’s nothing that rattles those nerves more than when you have the coffee jitters. Or even worse, falling asleep during prep time.

  1. Call Mom.

No one can boost you up more than mom can. You could call any close friend or family member who is a pro at motivating you.

  1. Talk to another competitor.

Chances are, they are just as nervous as you are and wouldn’t mind talking to a friend. Remember we are all part of one big DECA family, who is always there to support each other.

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