Am I Allowed to Improve My Project Before ICDC?

State and provincial conferences are in full swing and thousands of DECA and Collegiate DECA members will be earning the opportunity to compete at the International Career Development Conferences in April.

A frequently-asked question at this time of the year is, “Am I allowed to improve my project before ICDC?”

The short answer is, yes!

Undoubtedly you will receive feedback during and after your state or provincial conference that can and should be used to improve your work before you compete at ICDC. 

Here are some ideas on how to improve your project before ICDC:

  • Did the judge provide any feedback or suggestions while reviewing your work?  If so, use the feedback and suggestions to your advantage and improve upon your original project.  If the judge felt you were too vague in a specific section of your entry, add more detail to that section.
  • Did the judge ask you a question that you were not prepared to answer?  If so, develop a response to that question in case your judge at ICDC asks. 
  • Was the judge easily able to see and understand your visual aids?  If not, try a different design or layout that is easier to see and understand.
  • During your presentation, did you stumble at any point?  If so, keep practicing your presentation and consider changing your script or talking points so they feel more natural.

Congratulations on qualifying to compete at ICDC!  Use the next few weeks to improve upon your written entry and oral presentation.  Good luck.

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