The Power of the Mind

When I first became involved with DECA during my junior year of high school, I never had anticipated the impact it would have on me.

At first, I only decided to participate in DECA for the benefits of travelling – since my goal is to travel the world someday. Little did I know that I would begin to love DECA and further my involvement into the Collegiate level.

Currently, I am attending Northern Arizona University, in Flagstaff, Ariz. At first, I had no idea that Collegiate DECA even existed – then my friend at another university began making posts about her participation in Collegiate DECA. As I went to search for the Collegiate chapter at NAU, I quickly learned that NAU did not have one.

I had become so invested with DECA during my junior and senior years of high school; therefore, I decided to start the NAU Chapter.

I never realized how much work went into running a Collegiate DECA chapter, nor did I realize how successful of an outcome I would have with the new chapter. Not only has our NAU chapter taken home a numerous amounts of awards during our first active year at the Fall Leadership Conference and Career Development Conference, but we also had the highest attendance at the 2015 Collegiate Leadership Academy conference in New York, won Chapter of the Year Award, and had two of current officers win state office – one of those including myself.

NAU’s Director of Fundraising was interested in running for state president, and I, as the chapter president, had no interest in running for state office. Based on all of the work that went into an individual chapter, I did not believe that I had the capability to run the state level of Collegiate DECA.

With much convincing, our Director of Fundraising had gotten me to apply for state Vice President. I had very little confidence in myself during my interview, and I was shocked to hear my name announced as State Vice President!

From this crazy experience with DECA, I have learned that I have the power to do anything that I hope to achieve. You may not think that you can accomplish something, but it is important to reach out of your comfort zone because you never know what exciting adventures may arise from your decisions.

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