The Keys to Preparing for an EPIC Conference

Our Collegiate DECA chapter at St. Cloud State University takes our state’s Career Development Conferences very seriously.

To prepare for our state competition, we spend plenty of time practicing for our events. Our advisor, Craig Wilson, prints off multiple old case studies for us to practice from, as well old tests.

We usually keep the last half hour of our meetings open for people to stay and practice with our advisors. Craig even went out and found someone from our marketing department to come in and help. The addition of our co-advisor, Garth Harris, has helped out tremendously.

Usually, we have our time to prep as if we would at CDC. We then would present our case to either Garth or Craig and then get feedback on how we did. They usually throw in pointers on how we can make our presentation better. They even try to teach us things that will really make us stand out to judges.

We even have a practice competition with the St. Cloud Tech College to practice cases and to prepare for our state conference. This is extremely beneficial for our chapter, especially for our newer members. Without the practice we’ve done at our meetings, I don’t know if everyone on our team would have made finals.

Craig and Garth have really prepared our team to be successful. Without their knowledge and suggestions, I don’t believe we would be as successful as we are. Our group definitely knows the meaning of, “practice makes perfect.”

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