On the Other Side of the Table

Like many other members of Collegiate DECA, I began my adventure with this amazing organization when I was in high school.

Back then I was like any other high school DECA member – nervous but exited to compete.

My first competition was nerve-racking and it did not go as well as I had anticipated.  I was somewhat disappointed, but instead of taking that outcome as a negative, I took as an opportunity to continue to learn and grow as a competitor.

During my remaining years in high school, I had the chance to compete in many other events and eventually made my way to the Arizona DECA Career Development Conference.

I am now a junior at Arizona State University and a part of the the Collegiate DECA chapter here. I was recently appointed as the High School Relation Director for our chapter, as we are seeking to create a stronger relation between our collegiate chapter and the high school chapters around our university.

At this point in my DECA journey I am equipped with many different tools for competitions, so what better way to to connect with high school chapters than to offer mentorship to their members and help them better prepare for their competitions.

On Saturday, February 20, 2016, several of ASU Collegiate DECA’s members, including myself, traveled to a Chandler High School to serve as practice competition judges, as the members of that high school DECA chapter were preparing for their state conference.

I got to say the experience was amazing. I had never had the opportunity to sit on the other side of the table during these competitions, and being able to do so really helped me to get a better understanding of role-plays.

I got to give feedback to the members and share some tips and other pointers that I have learned throughout out my competition experiences. Not only that, but I also got to experience how judges think during the competitions, and it definitely gave me some ideas to put into practice during my upcoming competition this spring.

Overall, my experience mentoring other DECA members was amazing and I really want to encourage other Collegiate DECA chapters to reach out to local high school chapters, so that you can also have the opportunity to mentor other students and share some of your skills.

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