3 Transferable Skills You’re Gaining as a DECA Member

It happens to the best of us – you wake up one day and realize the major you declared two years of when you started college now seems like a horrible life decision and you can’t see yourself working in that industry for most of your life and being happy.

You’re not alone. Research shows that, on average, an individual will switch careers at least five times, and that number is predicted to only go up.

The good news is you don’t have to panic! The skills you’ve been learning in your major and your experiences in DECA will benefit you in just about any job, industry or field.

Here are three of the most transient skills you’ve probably been learning:

1. How to work with other people.

Even for the most extroverted individuals, working with other people can be an enormous challenge. Whether it’s conflicting points of view, others – or you – slacking off, or challenging behaviors, splitting work can be even more stressful than doing everything alone. The reality however is that it’s pretty much impossible to completely avoid working with others in any career, so the skills you’re learning when you work with others on a marketing campaign, business plan, or financial analysis will definitely help you in the future.

2. How to adapt to a changing environment.

The world as we know it will almost certainly be very different even a decade from now, thanks to technology. Current trends and the way you’ve been learning to do your job are changing at a rapid pace, so it’s vital to be flexible and have an appetite for new knowledge in order to stay relevant and make a living. This is especially true in business, since you need to keep your customers excited in order to keep them coming back so you can make a living, and it’s true for any other profession out there that is even remotely affected by technology and other people (so, basically all professions).

3. Being confident.

It’s pretty hard for anyone else to believe in you and your work if you aren’t confident yourself. Just as no one will want to buy your product if you think it’s worthless, or want you to design an advertising campaign for them if you think your own ideas are boring, or want to invest in the stock you recommend if you don’t think it’s valuable, no one will trust you in any other field if you don’t know how to sell yourself.

Thanks to DECA, you can feel confident that no matter what major or industry you decide to pursue, you’ll have the skills you need to conquer challenge thrown at you.

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