3 Ways to Make a Good Impression on Your Judge

There is undoubtedly a lot of effort that goes into creating that 30-page manual or perfecting your DECA competitive events presentation. After all that effort, don’t let a few tiny missteps with your judge ruin your chances for international glory.

Here are three small ways to make sure to seal the deal on your hard work and make the stage in Nashville at #DECAICDC:

1. Business Cards

Judges, especially at larger conferences such as state CDC and ICDC, will see many competitors throughout the day. If your specific event allows for it, you can set yourself apart from the competition by handing the judge your very own business card. To make sure your cards are professional as possible, utilize many of the preset templates in your word processor and remember the golden rule of less is more.

2. Wait to be Seated

If in your presentation or role-play you decide to sit down, remember to always wait for the judge for ask you to sit down. Sometimes this won’t work out, as the judge will not ask you to be seated, but don’t worry and just have a seat anyway (it is worse to stand there awkwardly). This is one of those small details that shows you are a poised individual.

3. Thank Them for Their Interest

There is no doubt that every competitive event is a role-play of sorts. So play along with the judge’s role of a possible investor, CEO or interviewer. You can do this by thanking them for their interest in your product, company or yourself. In doing this both at the beginning, and end of your presentation you can guarantee to have a positive impact on the judge.

In following these three simple tips you can guarantee to have a positive impact on your judge and be on your way to making the stage in Nashville.

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