The DECA Games

On September 28, 2015, Grand Canyon University Collegiate DECA members took part in their first annual DECA social event.

This DECA social was known as “DECA Games,” where fellow members put their networking, teamwork and competition skills to work.

Members were divided into two teams and first tasked with working together to create team names. The first team decided on “The Winning Team Inc.,” and the second picked, “The Overcomers.”

The teams participated in different games such as “pop the balloon,” where each opposing team had to do their best to pop all the balloons from the other team. Another game each team had to pick one leader from the group to use a razor and take the most shaving cream off a balloon.

The next game that was up involved two volleyballs and four blankets. This game tested each team’s cooperation and team working skills. Since the goal was to communicate and toss the volleyball to the other side without dropping it.

Keep in mind the social and fundraising chair were keeping score of which team won the most games. This is why tensions were high and both teams had the competitive desire to win! At this point “The Winning Team Inc. was winning.” The Overcomers were not going to give up so easily though.

The last game event was the most challenging – the teams had to follow flash cards that each had a separate exercise. The overcomers won big on this one!

 At the end of the day, all of the DECA members and officers learned some valuable skills and were able to bond with their chapter members through fun and interactive challenges. This was one social event that everyone will remember!

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