How a Business Idea Can Find You

Sometimes a business comes from a person discovering an idea and turning that idea into a reality. But sometimes a business idea finds you.

In those instances, we find ourselves in a situation where we are starting a business that we never expected to start—but that can great success.

Yvonne Tocquigny’s story is just such a one. She had a job at a small marketing agency, went on a ski trip, and came back to find that the agency had closed.

With no money and no job in the middle of a recession, she had to figure something out. So she began by taking freelance jobs, anything she could find that involved graphic design or branding.

What started out as a series of freelancing projects driven by a sense of desperation organically grew into a long-lasting, successful business—and ultimately evolved into a digital marketing agency, Tocquigny.

To hear Yvonne’s story of how she unexpectedly discovered her business, watch this 5-minute video:

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