Turning Up The Heat: Competition Go Time!

As the 2016 International Career Development Conference approaches, there is one huge topic on every member’s mind: competition!

The opportunity to compete against members from all over the country is why thousands of members work hard all year to make it to ICDC.

Every member has the dream of standing on that stage in D.C., holding up the first place plaque with everyone cheering you on, but the pressure builds as April comes closer.

As the heat of competition intensifies, it is important for us members to prepare ourselves to jump through the flames, so that we may come out a champion.

There are various ways for our members to prepare for competition, and everyone has their own method that works for them. It is important to try new things until you find the method that you believe will help you win the gold.

In order to be truly EPIC at competition, here are a few suggestions:

  1. DECA Images has various review materials for all the events we compete in. These different materials can help you with both role-plays and exams, as they provide you with examples for both. Be sure to check out DECA Images on Pinterest too for categorized resources by event.
  2. Judge materials can be very beneficial for students competing in role-plays. This allows the student to know exactly how they are being evaluated. The performance indicators are what the judges focus on during evaluation, so seeing how a judge evaluates you will give you an advantage when you go into your actual event at ICDC.
  3. Many schools host or attend mock competitions, so that members have the opportunity to “compete” before attending conferences. This gives you real practice that mimics how an actual competitive event works at ICDC.

Just as it is necessary for a firefighter to suit up before entering a burning building, it is important for our member’s to “suit up” and prepare for the “fire” that is competition.

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