How To Make A Winning Presentation Board

Congratulations! You’re finally finished writing your 30-page manual and now you’re in full competition mode.

You know your materials front to back and you know you’ll be able to answer all of the judge’s questions. You even know exactly what to say for your 10-minute presentation.

Now, to complete your competition preparation you need to come up with the perfect presentation board.

As you sit down to come up with the wining design, you start thinking about all of the possibilities and boards you’ve seen from other members. You know how important it is to convey all of your information in an eye catching, easy to understand, modern way. Your heads spinning with all of this and your pre-competition nerves are almost shot!

Luckily, here are my do's and don’ts of presentation boards:


  1. Keep it simple and appealing
  2. Add some visuals and pictures
  3. Utilize technology (iPads)
  4. Use sturdy materials
  5. Ensure your board can be transported easily


  1. Add every piece of information
  2. Have too much text
  3. Glue info/pictures on that can easily fall off
  4. Pick too many bright or flashy colors
  5. Use sound or speakers

Mandi McKenzie has been a judge at DECA's International Career Development Conference for the past three years and has seen her fair share of presentation boards. 

"When I judge DECA competitions, I look at a presentation board as the icing on the cake," Mandi said. "Being able to display 30-pages of information on one easy-to-view board is important."

But what is the most important tip when it comes to designing your own presentation board?

"Organize your board in the order of how you plan to present your information," Mandi said. 

Your presentation board is sure to #beDECAepic with all these tips in mind! Be sure to check for more competition tips as you prepare for the EPIC competition season ahead.

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