Coming Up With a Business Idea

Every business starts with an idea, and then from that idea you have to find a business model that works. Sometimes we wrack our brains working on an idea, but other times we almost stumble upon something. When that happens, you have to seize the opportunity. Ideas are all around us; be aware and ready to take action!

That’s what happened to Louie Northern, the founder and creative director of Ascend Aerials. What ultimately became his business started with a passion. Louie had a background in video editing and multimedia presentations thanks to his day job as an urban designer, and he was fascinated when he first discovered drone technology.

But that passion didn’t immediately become a business. At first, it was a hobby, a way to create videos for friends and family, and maybe share online for people to see.

Could it eventually turn into a business? Maybe, but there were no clear plans.

What changed everything was a sudden epiphany on a trip to Mexico, when he was inspired to take action. Armed with just a short 30-second clip, he looked for a way to create something bigger. Out of that encounter was born his first business, and the realization that he had a business model that could work.

To hear Louie’s story of how he came up with the idea for his business, watch this 5-minute video:

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