New Year, New You, New DECA Goals!

As winter break draws to an end, a New Year is upon us!

2016 is finally here, but more importantly, the 2016 International Career Development Conference in Nashville, Tenn., is only 109 days away (but who’s counting).

With that being said, competitions are gearing into full swing across the country, and countless DECA members are ambitiously seeking to achieve that one goal of being recognized on stage in Nashville this April. But how are they doing it?

Here you’ll find four go-to tips from past #DECAICDC participants on what they are currently doing to achieve that one DECA goal we all are anxiously pursuing:

  1. Practice! Practice! Practice!

Whether it’s a test, a role-play, or a presentation, practice makes perfect. From printing out practice exams online or downloading the DECA Compete app, to presenting in front of your advisor, you will become more comfortable with the material and will relieve some of the nerves when it comes time to take that test or to present that project.

  1. Remember Your ABC’s: Always Be Confident

The most important thing to remember when going into a situation that you are nervous about is to always be confident. When you’re confident, you sound far more reputable and impressive to the judges. Even if you don’t know if what you’re saying is accurate, being confident with your response rather than hesitant sounds far more professional.

  1.  Relax & Stay Calm

We’ve all experienced that sudden burst of fear when we don’t know the answer on a test, are presented with a performance indicator we don’t know, or the judge presents us with a question we can’t the answer. Don’t panic! Stay calm and relaxed. Skip the question on the test or performance indicator and go back to it later. Ask the judge to re-word their question and think about what they are asking. When you’re calm and collected, the right answer or words will find their way to your brain.

  1. Have Fun!

The most important tip is to have fun! Yes, this is a competition and we all are competing for that one goal, but DECA conferences are a great way to get to meet new people and travel to some amazing places. Make the most of your competition experience and don’t stress about it too much. You’ll be rewarded for your hard work soon enough.

Follow these four tips and you are bound for competition success! Before you know it you’ll be hearing your name be called at #DECAICDC, but until then, best of luck with your upcoming competitions. See you in Nashville!

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