Get Ready for DECA Competition This Winter Break

As you may know, the end of the semester and 2015 is quickly approaching and the last thing many DECA members wants to do is think about next semester.

With competitions arriving at the beginning of the New Year, it can cause a great deal of anxiety for many students. However, with a little research and preparation, you can have an EPIC competitive event year!

Here are a few tips on how to find the right event for you and do great at your next competition:

1) Find the perfect competitive event for you to compete in.

The best person to start helping you find the right event is your DECA advisor. He or she will probably have some great ideas of events you can do based on classes you have taken and what your interests are. I have always found my advisors to be a great help in figuring out what events to do. Another thing you can do is go to the DECA website and look at the competitive events section. This can help you whether you are in college or high school, because they have different sections for each division, with lots of helpful information on every single event offered.

2) Prepare by taking practice exams and working on sample case studies.

You can also prepare by studying up on the information you might run into in the case studies. Again, your advisor(s) might be a great person to talk to about other ways to practice or prepare for your event. Also, has tons of useful and informative articles on ways to prepare for your events, exams and presentations.  

3) Find the perfect partner(s) for those events that require more than one participant.

You want to find someone you have good chemistry with and who compliments your strengths and weaknesses. Though you may really want to partner up with your best friend, he or she might not be the best fit for you when it comes to competing. Your advisor(s) might have some ideas on a good partner for you, so make sure you talk to them. Remember, this could be an awesome opportunity to branch out and meet other members in your chapter. You could walk away with a trophy and a new friend!

When it comes to preparing for a DECA competitive event, it’s natural to get anxious, but there are so many resources available to member that you are bound to be successful no matter what!

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