A Former Harvard Dean’s Vision For The Ideal College

My name is Stephen Kosslyn and I am the Founding Dean at Minerva, a new university program that prepares students to become future leaders who will serve their communities and the world around us.

Before Minerva, I spent over 30 years on the Harvard and Stanford faculties. Three years ago I left traditional academia to develop an entirely new approach to higher education at Minerva. Our goal is to train the type of leaders we believe the world needs, by focusing on three areas:

  1. Global understanding:

Minerva students do not study global cultures from afar. They experience them directly, living in up to seven of the world’s greatest cities — including San Francisco, Berlin and Buenos Aires — during their four years of study.

  1. Pragmatic liberal arts:

Our student-centered curriculum emphasizes active learning and practical knowledge — every class is a small seminar, based on intensive discussion, spirited debate and real world problem solving.

  1. Accessibility:

Tuition is only $10,000 a year, less than a quarter that of peer institutions, with scholarships and financial aid available.

We are offering one DECA student a need-based academic scholarship covering the full freshman year tuition. Our application is free to complete and the first phase takes about 30 minutes. Our regular decision deadline is January 15, 2016. Learn more and apply today here.

I hope you will consider joining us on this extraordinary journey toward a smarter, wiser world.

If you would like to learn more about Minerva, check out this information session hosted by Minerva staff, students and faculty.

Follow Minerva on Twitter @MinervaSchools.

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