DECA Scholarships are Waiting for You!

“Scholarships” is probably one of the biggest buzzwords right now for many high school DECA junior and senior members. Everyone knows that applying for scholarships is important, but maybe “important” isn’t the right word to describe them.

No matter your financial situation, scholarships have become a necessary step in everybody’s transition to college. Scholarships include free money you can use to finance your college degree.

Sure, you have to apply for them, which takes time and effort, but consider this: if you spend two hours working on an application for a $2,000 scholarship and win it, your investment translates to $1,000 an hour. That’s a pretty good hourly wage for a 16 or 17 year old!

If that isn’t enough to convince you, here are three reasons you need to apply for DECA scholarships right now:

1) College Costs are Skyrocketing

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, but college costs more now than ever before. By investing a good amount of time applying for scholarships, you can avoid being handed a huge bill alongside your diploma.

2) Student Loan Rates Just Doubled

Over the past several months, Congress was engaged in a battle over whether or not to keep student loan rates from doubling. They ultimately couldn’t come to a decision, and their inaction resulted in student loan rates jumping to nearly seven percent. The investment of time and effort needed to successfully apply for scholarships far outweighs the time and effort it will take to repay thousands of dollars in student loans.

3) DECA Has an Exclusive Program for Its Members

Not only is the time right to apply for scholarships, but DECA’s scholarship program has made the process of searching for scholarships easier, more efficient and tailored to each member. When applying for DECA scholarships, you can search and find scholarships that match you career aspirations and leadership accomplishments.

DECA scholarship applications are due January 15, 2016, so get started today at

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