How to Survive the Winter Before Competition Time

There’s a period of time between district and association conferences that DECA members are given to prepare for their state competition.

This period of time, however, can feel like a place for procrastination and lack of productivity.

After #DECAMonth rolls by and the winter sets in, it’s easy for someone to forget about his or her project or role-play.

Luckily, there are two ways to combat this!

1. Stay Involved

Chapters and officers usually plan different activities or fundraisers for state competitions. Staying involved in DECA activities helps keep you motivated to work on your project and practice role-plays for competition. If you’re unsure if your chapter has any events you can participate in, ask your advisor for any activities that are being run by or are associated with your chapter.

2. Set Goals and Reminders

Succeeding in your competitive event will take work. Whether you do a role-play or project, you must spend the necessary time and effort studying for tests, practicing presentation skills and understanding your event. With busy schedules, it’s easy to get lost in schoolwork and forget about DECA. Make sure you set goals can help keep you motivated and set reminders for yourself so you’re always working to achieve your goal. Something as simple as writing DECA work in the same place you keep track of your schoolwork can help keep it as part of your daily routine.

These ideas may seem like obvious and simple tasks, but doing them can make the difference between top ten and top three. By staying involved, you get the most out of being in DECA and you gain more knowledge than you could by reading a textbook. Also, by setting goals, you’re giving yourself motivation to get better which can ultimately land you on top at #DECAICDC.

Good luck this winter!

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