Interested in Healthcare Careers? There is No Better Time Than Now!

Many students express an interest in healthcare careers and they couldn’t do so at a better time.

Demand for healthcare services is growing faster than any other sector of the economy. The two largest contributors to this growth are aging Baby Boomers and the higher life expectancy of Americans. Both contribute to a steep increase of healthcare services.

Sadly, a third contributor to the growing demand is an increase in obese and overweight individuals. For instance, childhood obesity has almost tripled since 1980. Obesity and weight issues elevate one’s risk for many chronic conditions including diabetes, high blood pressure and arthritis.

Today’s higher demand for services will create opportunities in a wide variety of careers. In fact, the requirement for healthcare services will grow at a whopping 31% to the year 2020. Social assistance and support services are also expected to grow rapidly — at 26% to the year 2020.

Demand will build for doctors, physician assistants and nurses who provide treatment, and for health educators and community health workers who help patients learn to prevent disease or manage their conditions. This demand will be seen across the country, so healthcare workers will have their choice of geographic region.

The healthcare industry has begun to change in the last decade with many professional schools emphasizing the “humanist scientist.” In fact, this is something Johnson & Wales University considered when developing curriculum for our new College of Health & Wellness. The humanist scientist is the healthcare worker who has the knowledge and skills necessary to provide appropriate care and also possesses the caring, empathy and sense of service to others that allows that care to be effective.

The field of healthcare is certainly growing, and is perfect for individuals looking for challenging, rewarding careers. If you have a desire to help others and an interest in health, now is a great time to consider the many options available to you in the healthcare field.

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