College Success Tips Straight from Austin

High school serves as the transition the hallways of a familiar space to the rigorous realities of college. It is ideal for students to prepare for their college education from the beginning of their high school careers.

Representatives from different universities hosted a learning lab at the 2015 Ultimate DECA Power Trip in Austin, Texas, to share advice for success with DECA members.

The panel included representatives from the following colleges and universities: 

  • Fashion Institute of Technology, SUNY
  • Keiser University
  • NC State University Poole College of Management
  • UW Seattle Foster School of Business
  • West Virginia University

First and foremost, finding the right college or university can be a stressful and difficult process. The panelist shared that one of the most important elements in finding your right school lies in finding out what a school has to offer you.

The panelists also stressed the importance of internships. Not only do they look great on a resume, but they also create networks for careers. Internships create transferable skills for one’s workplace, similar to the skills DECA provides its members.

Secondly, getting accepted into the college you want is very important. College admission essays are important, so don’t procrastinate and take your time to organize the best essay you can create! Also, students who prosper in high school by being involved do stand out to admissions officers. Being involved throughout your high school career makes more scholarships available to you too. College applications also serve as a great lesson in time-management, a skill that is vital for success in college.

Lastly, being involved in high school should transfer over into your college career. However, the panelist advised the audience to not fill your plate too full. Begin your first semester by testing the waters of a new environment and focus on classwork. Be intentional about your involvement once you do decide to venture, and ‘find your people,’ meaning find new friends with whom you relate to and fit in with. Stay engaged and find your niche! Companies hiring college graduates don’t just want the ‘student’- they want the leader, the one who’s involved.

Being involved in college is important, but time management will keep you safe from drowning. Remember to do things for your mental health, like learning to say no and not overcommitting. College is a memorable experience that will become what you make of it, so make it EPIC!

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