Innovations & Entrepreneurship Conference 2015 Was an EPIC Experience

One of the most important things that #DECAIEC promotes is becoming a better leader! We practiced this through breaking into our power teams during Day 2 of the 2015 Innovations & Entrepreneurship Conference in Austin, Texas.

We worked to create the highest freestanding structure out of spaghetti, tape, and had to ensure our structure could support a marshmallow. After the challenge, 3 Day Startup Program Manger Alexis Taylor highlighted the importance of talking to people about a product before actual building a prototype, in addition to executing and making decisions in a timed environment. 

Q Beck, the co-founder, and CEO of Famigo spoke to the group on the topic of Ideation. Ideation is the formation of an idea based on building off of others. This discussion led to the presentation of "Lean Canvas," a more scientific approach to forming a company.

During lunch, we worked on completing some market research for our products. After lunch, we took our ideas and worked on a pitch and prototype for our product.

Looking back, we went from not knowing each other to presenting like ICDC finalist in less than two hours. This proves the whole point of the 3 Day Startup – to get started now! 

Overall, members took away a sense of motivation to succeed in a globally competitive world. Members also gained some excellent networking skills and as DECA member Abigail McCubbin said, "I loved meeting new people and hearing new ideas." 

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