The DECA Month Fun Has Just Begun

Every month should be considered DECA month with all of the outstanding year-round activities that DECA students participate in! However, November is the official month dedicated to recognizing DECA as an organization.

It may seem that November is coming to an end as the holidays are approaching and schedules are becoming busier, but there are still DECA Month activities chapters can partake in!

Here are a few ideas of ways to keep the DECA month hype alive!

1) Participate in the EPIC #DECAMonth 30 Day Photo Challenge

For the month of November, DECA members have the opportunity to participate in a photo challenge on various forms of social media like Instagram and Twitter. There is a new daily challenge to post a photo of for the month like “An EPIC DECA Travel #TBT” or “Your Favorite Reason to Be in DECA.” See DECA’s official Twitter account for the monthly list of challenges! Tag DECA in your posts and use hashtags like #BEDECAEPIC and #DECAMONTH for the chance to have your pictures reposted by DECA Inc.!

2) Have a DECA Chapter T-Shirt Day

As simple as it may sound, declaring a “DECA T-Shirt Day” for chapter members is a great way to celebrate DECA Month. Aside from looking sharp in DECA apparel, wearing DECA attire is a great way to start conversations between DECA members, and even those that aren’t sure what DECA is. A simple, “Hey cool shirt,” could lead to a new student joining DECA!

3) Reach Out To DECA Alumni

Most likely, chapter members and advisors are still in touch with those who have graduated from your DECA chapter and DECA Month is a great reason to reach out to these alumni! Use this opportunity to catch up with alumni and hear about their accomplishments outside of high school, and also to ask alumni to reflect on their DECA career and best DECA memories. See how DECA has impacted their current life and find out what advice they would give to members!

Consider these tips when planning out the rest of your DECA month as well as check out DECA on social media like Instagram and Twitter for more EPIC ideas!

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