Write Your Way to the Stage

DECA Images is pleased to announce the publication of four new Written Event Guides that will assist members and advisors develop written events in Business Operations Research, Chapter Team, Entrepreneurship and Marketing Representative events.

Each guide starts with an explanation of the categories in each area and why these competitive events are unique. Next, members and advisors can learn how to create a dynamic team to work on a written event.  Students are also provided steps to get started on a project with a sample timeline. If applicable, you will also see a sample organization chart.

Next, you will see event specific information to assist in the development of a written event. For example in the Business Operations Research Guide students can review market research methodologies and in the Marketing Representative Guide students can review the elements of promotion. In the Chapter Team and Entrepreneurship Guides, each type of written event is broken down with specific questions to help guide the project.

Guides also have a graphic that shows students outside resources that can assist them as they work through their project. Perhaps these suggestions can encourage a special mentorship for members.

An optional Appendix section is provided for in each written event outline and these new guides give suggestions and examples for how to use this space to a competitive advantage.

Did you know that your Executive Summary should be the last section written? We have dedicated an entire page to this section with a color example from previous international winners (specific to each type of category) to assist students in writing this important section.

Lastly, a great presentation is necessary for any written event and we have concluded our guides with tips to help your teams excel in this area including how to use technology effectively and prepare for judge questions.

We look forward to hearing your feedback on this new product. Leave your review on www.shopdeca.org after your purchase.

Questions? Contact us at shopdeca_@deca.org or 703-860-5006.

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