Work With a Company that Aligns With Your Values

Work. Part time work. Summer work. Your eventual career.

Work makes up a significant portion of your life. Pay is important but because you will invest a lot of hours in work (and share those hours with the people around you, plus be surrounded by the philosophies of the company) you should also choose a company that shares some of your values. It should feel like a good fit. 

Corporate social responsibility is high on my list of values. I’m proud to work with a company that gives back to the communities that we are a part of. Vector Marketing Canada partners with two great organizations: Free the Children and the Front Row Foundation. We fundraise for both organizations. In addition, a portion of our sales is given to each charity.

In addition to giving as a corporation, Vector Marketing has long recognized those who give back.

In Vector Canada, the Carmen Buehner Memorial Award is given to a student each year who is a leader not only in our company, but who also volunteers or makes a difference within their community. The award was named for Carmen Buehner, who was a District Manager and a growing leader in our business. Carmen was tragically killed by a drunk driver one Thanksgiving weekend.  As someone who was very active in her community, in particular the Big Sisters organization, we keep her memory alive by recognizing a very deserving candidate each year in Carmen’s name.

The Marty Dimitrovich Triple Crown of Service Award is given annually to someone on our North American leadership team, in memory of one of Vector’s most beloved and esteemed leaders.  Etched on the award is a quote from Marty:

“You have the ability to live a life filled with more joy and satisfaction than you ever imagined. There are no limits except the ones you put on yourself. We have all been put on earth for a special purpose, with talents and abilities we haven’t yet realized. Success means truly understanding what is important in life and what gives you joy and happiness. Whatever that is for you, do it with one hundred percent passion.”

Angie Macdougall, Canada’s Western Area Manager, was recognized the first year the award was offered.  It is important to Angie to give back and she enjoys being able to do that through Vector. Her team really enjoys giving back as well. As our work lives and personal lives become more blended, there is less of a distinct separation between the two. It’s great to work with others that share your values.

I believe that the happiest and most successful people feel happy and successful in and outside of work. I don’t think they appear to be different in one area of their lives or another. Those that can integrate who they are, what they value, and possibly some of their other talents into their work life through corporate social responsibility will find much greater career satisfaction than those who don’t.

DECA is also a great example of an organization that takes social responsibility to heart. It’s remarkable to see that over the 30-year partnership with the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA), DECA members and chapters have raised over $5 million. In the 8 years I’ve been involved with DECA Ontario, I’ve witnessed students raise thousands of dollars for Dreams Take Flight, which sends children with life-threatening illnesses to Disney World.

As you pursue part-time work and summer work, or your first position after graduation, remember that we must all take responsibility for making our communities great. So seek out organizations that value that, too. And as Mahatma Ghandi said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

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