3 Tips to Keep in Mind When Applying for DECA Scholarships

DECA awards deserving high school and college members $300,000 in scholarships from National Advisory Board members and corporate partners each year.

Many of these scholarships are offered exclusively to DECA members to help them pursue their dreams of higher education.

Here are the three most important tips you should keep in mind when applying for DECA scholarships:

1. Don’t wait until the last minute!

The deadline for scholarship applications is January 15, 2016. This date may seem far away, but between winter break, the holidays and celebrating with family and friends, January 15 will creep up on your sooner than you may think! Plus, you want to take your time with these applications, especially if you’re applying for more than one scholarship. Do yourself and favor and start working on your scholarship applications now, so you’ll have adequate time to gather recommendation letters and transcripts, plus have time to review and edit you applications so they are picture perfect.

2. You must register and create an account to submit your scholarship applications.

You will submit all of your scholarship applications through the DECA Scholarship website. Be sure to take the time to create an account and include everything that the application asks for. After you have registered, your information will be saved and you can access your applications with a user name and password. Include all of the activities and leadership positions you’ve held in DECA to increase your chances for scholarship success!

3. Look for applications that are specific to YOU!

With scholarships from a wide range of corporate sponsors, your affiliation or interests with a certain company or industry could help increase your chances of receiving that scholarship. For example, if you have interests in pursuing a franchising and entrepreneurship course of study, then be sure to apply for the Don DeBolt Scholarship, or if you are an associate of Publix, be sure to apply for the Publix Scholarship.

DECA’s corporate sponsors admire members for their DECA and Collegiate DECA involvement, leadership abilities, community service activities and academic performance. Be sure to apply and take advantage of these scholarships opportunities exclusively offered to DECA members.

Not only can you apply for these scholarships, but you can also take advantage of DECA’s college and organization partners that offer scholarships directly through the specific college, university or organization. Nevertheless, it never hurts to try! You never know where a scholarship through DECA could take you.

Find more information and apply to DECA scholarships here.

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