Small Business Resources for DECA Members from Tarkenton Companies

Since speaking at DECA’s 2014 International Career Development Conference, Fran Tarkenton has been as passionate about DECA as he is about small business in America.

Tarkenton sees a strong connection between his passion for helping entrepreneurs launch, grow and succeed, and DECA’s mission to prepare future leaders and entrepreneurs.

Thanks to his passion and our shared mission, Fran has agreed to share some of the small business resources that are available through Tarkenton Companies with DECA members and advisors.

The following articles contain content and videos from that will provide valuable insight to members pursuing their dreams of being a entrepreneur or business owner:

For more information on accessing Fran’s full catalogue of resources, and how you might use them as a sales and marketing project in your community, please visit the Tarkenton Companies website.

Follow DECA on Twitter @DECAInc and Tarkenton Companies @GoSmBiz.

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