FIU Scholarship Deadline Extended to November 15

DECA National Advisory Board (NAB) member Florida International University (FIU) has extended their scholarship deadline to Sunday, November 15, for students beginning at FIU in Fall 2016.

Students must be admitted to FIU before the November 15 deadline in order to qualify to compete for the merit-based scholarships through admissions.

For more information on the scholarships available, visit their Scholarships page.

The Chaplin School wants your best and brightest students and are offering an exclusive scholarship only to DECA members. Click here for the application for the AOHT/DECA Scholarship for Fall 2016.

These scholarships are available to new freshmen starting FIU in Summer or Fall 2016. There is a February 1 application deadline for this scholarship program. See the application and additional details by clicking here.

Additionally, FIU is offering a new “Micro-scholarship” opportunity, whereby students earn small amounts of scholarship money for things they should be doing anyway like taking honors classes, getting A’s, participating in extracurricular activities and contributing to community service projects.

Students may sign up to begin earning as early as 9th grade and can accumulate up to $2,500. Keep in mind that students must be admitted before the scholarship deadline for their entry year (typically November 1).  See for details. Right now, FIU is the only Florida state university participating in this amazing program!

Applicants may check the status of their applications by clicking here.

Applicants should submit any missing documents immediately to the Undergraduate Admissions Office:

Florida International University

Office of Undergraduate Admissions

P.O. Box 659003

Miami, FL  33265-9003

For faster service, students who attended a public school (high school, community college, or university) in Florida may send their transcripts electronically (using Faster). Electronic transcripts may also be submitted for private high school students (using Naviance) or military (using SMART/Joint Service).

Please contact Dawn Fagnan, Assistant Director of Enrollment & Recruitment Services, at 305-919-4500 or

Follow FIU on Twitter @FIU.

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