Your Future is in Your Hands with Schoold!

Schoold ( is the ultimate app for college giving you all the resources necessary to make the best decisions for your college experience.

What school is best for me? Will I get in? What is the best dorm on campus? How do I pay for school?

No need to worry! Schoold is here to help. 

The Schoold app will guide you through the college search process creating a customized experience based on what’s most important to you.

Schoold will show you schools and admission chances, majors and career prospects, costs and financing options, all tailored to you and your dreams. Most importantly, a network of existing students and experts will be available to answer your questions so you get firsthand details about campus life.

And, the best part, Schoold is completely FREE! 

The Schoold app will be launching soon, and we want DECA members to be our first users. We can’t wait for you to find your future with Schoold! 

Check out this fun two-minute Schoold video to learn about all of our great features and sign up for early access and updates.    

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