The 2015 #DECAMonth Photo Challenge is Here

Did you hear the EPIC announcement during last night's #DECAMonth Google+ Hangout?

The #DECAMonth Photo Challenge is back for November 2015 and better than ever! Not sure how to particpate in the photo challenge? We've got all the information you need for this EPIC challenge right here.

What is the #DECAMonth Photo Challenge?

The #DECAMonth Photo Challenge is the perfect way to share what DECA means to you with your friends and social media followers. Each day of November there is a different DECA-related theme, and we challenge you to find the perfect photo for each theme. Share your photo on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using #DECAMonth and #beDECAepic, and be sure to tag @DECAInc too! DECA will be retweeting its favorite photos on Twitter and sharing the best Instagram posts as well. 

How do I know the daily themes?

You can get the complete #DECAMonth Photo Challenge calendar below or download your own here! Be sure to share this calendar on your social media pages so all your friends know how to participate too. 

How can I get my chapter or association involved with the #DECAMonth Photo Challenge?

You can hold a contest within your own chapter or association during DECA Month and each day, pick a winner with the best photo for that day's theme. Give the winner recognition by posting their image on your chapter or association's social media pages and give them a shout out too! Or, give your members an incentive to see who can do all 30 days of the challenge. Whoever goes the entire month without missing a post can earn a prize on the last day of #DECAMonth! 

What is the benefit of participating in the #DECAMonth Photo Challenge?

Not only is the #DECAMonth Photo Challenge a great way to get your chapter members engaged and create a great sense of unity during DECA Month, but this can serve as an exceptional membership recruitment campaign too! Invite students to your DECA classroom during DECA Month for a great party and showcase all the awesome #DECAMonth photos on your TV or computer. Or, encourage potential members to search #DECAMonth on Twitter and Instagram to get a firsthand perspective of how incredible being a DECA member really is. A picture is worth 1,000 words right? So why not let the #DECAMonth posts speak for themselves and show potential members all the fun they could be having! 

DECA is so excited to see all the incredible posts from you during November! Be sure to let all your chapter and association members know where to find the #DECAMonth Photo Challenge Calendar, and for even more great ideas, check out the #DECAMonth Google+ Hangout below!

Who's ready for an EPIC #DECAMonth?

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