Easy Steps to Completing the Passport Program’s Integrity Category

When you think of integrity, you think of being honest and having strong moral principles. However, as you complete the Integrity category of the Collegiate DECA Individual Leadership Passport Award, also keep in mind its second definition: the state of being whole and undivided.

Out of the four categories of the Passport Award, Integrity is the one that rounds you out as a DECA member and puts the finishing touches on your experience. The focus of the Integrity category is to master your own skills so that you may use them to help others grow in DECA. It shifts your ambitions from what DECA can do for you to what you can do for DECA.

If you want to knock out the Integrity category, here is the easiest path to doing so (though completing more of its tasks certainly won’t hurt you):

The State of Being Whole and Undivided

This is the part that focuses on the second definition of integrity: the state of being whole and undivided. Create a one-page document with nine bullet points. Write down three ways to develop your leadership skills, three personal goals for the year, and three professional goals for the year. Do that and you’ll already have two integrity tasks completed, enough for the Blue Diamond Individual Leadership Passport Award (don’t settle for Blue).

Another way to bolster your own growth is to attend a community or campus-based seminar or event about ethics or diversity. Now you have the three-task minimum needed from integrity to help satisfy the Gold Diamond Individual Leadership Passport Award. That wasn’t so hard, was it?

The Quality of Being Honest and Having Strong Moral Principles

Now that you have your Gold Diamond Award, you can call it a year, or now you can use your skills to help others. If this isn’t your first year in DECA, the best way to accomplish this is to mentor a first time competitor in your chapter/association. In preparing for competition, it’s nice to have someone there to help you out who has done it before. As a DECA veteran, you know the inside and out of competition and can provide invaluable insight to the rooks.

There are many paths to fulfilling the integrity category of the Individual Passport Award. You can take the easy way (see above) or you can tailor your award to play on your strengths and weaknesses.

To recognize the areas you need to grow in, and then grow in them, is the true Collegiate DECA definition of integrity. No matter how you decide to complete your path, don’t forget to #beDECAepic!

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