5 Ways to Plan Now for an EPIC #DECAMonth

November is quickly approaching and so is #DECAMonth!

#DECAMonth is 30 days of advocating and celebrating all that DECA does in your school and community. It’s a great way to welcome back your returning members and also involve those who are new to the world of DECA.

Keep these five tips in mind when planning for an EPIC #DECAMonth:

1.Involve your members in the planning process.

One of the best ways to increase chapter participation is by involving your members in the planning process. Not only will they be invested in your #DECAMonth festivities from start to finish, but there will also be a variety of ideas that may not have been offered before.

Remember, your members are your best resource!

      2.   Use social media as a resource.

Every year, DECA chapters from around the world all promote our EPIC organization on social media using #DECAMonth. A great resource when planning for #DECAMonth is to search Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. You’ll see many different traditions and ways of celebrating DECA your chapter could implement in your own school this year.

You can also join the #DECAMonth Photo Challenge, and see how many of your chapter members can share a DECA everyday during the entire month of November. You might even create a new tradition within your chapter!

      3.   Get your school’s administration on board.

Chapters have a variety of ways to celebrate #DECAMonth, doing everything from giving away free cookies in their school-based enterprise to decorating a hallway with DECA diamonds and posters, all with the intent of advocating DECA to their fellow students.

Don’t forget that one of your biggest stakeholders as a DECA chapter is your school’s administration. Many times, these are the individuals that approve your trips to #DECAPowerTrip or #DECACRLC, but also may not be aware of the significance of these trips or DECA itself. So share with them the purpose of #DECAMonth and what it means to be a DECA member with they key school leaders this year and inspire them to share some #DECAlove too!

  4.   Extend your impact into the community.

By the end of #DECAMonth, every student and faculty member will know there’s a DECA chapter on campus, but there’s also a community that needs to know that DECA exists. One of our guiding principles is community oriented and what better way to celebrate #DECAMonth than to reach out into your community? November is a busy month for local soup kitchens and food pantries, and a great time to start up a toy drive.

Now is a great time to find a local organization your chapter can help support such as a soup kitchen or the Muscular Dystrophy Association, a member of DECA’s National Advisory Board.

Remember, many of the activities your chapter participates in during #DECAMonth can be submitted as part of DECA’s Chapter Campaigns.

5.   Use DECA’s Guiding Principles to plan your activities.

As DECA members, we have the mission of carrying out DECA’s Guiding Principles of being academically prepared, community oriented, professionally responsible, and experienced leaders.

Use each segment of DECA’s Guiding Principles to help plan for #DECAMonth. For example, being academically prepared during #DECAMonth could be hosting a mock competition for your members. Being professionally responsible could be having a representative from your local Men’s Wearhouse give a presentation on dressing for success. Being an experienced leader could be attending your association’s leadership conference.

Whatever your activities may be, include DECA’s Guiding Principles and see how you, as a DECA member, are helping to accomplish DECA’s mission.

As your prepare for and participate in #DECAMonth, be sure to use #DECAMonth when tweeting and posting to social media!

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