5 Things Every New DECA Member Should Know

If you just joined DECA this year, congratulations! You’re now part of an organization that cares and thinks about your future, and considers your professional aspirations as one of its biggest priorities.

With all the acronyms, titles and information being thrown at you, those who just joined DECA may be a little confused about what DECA is, what are they supposed to do as a DECA member.

Have no fear – here are five things ever new DECA member needs to know:

1. What is DECA?

DECA is an international organization that provides high school and college students networking opportunities, social interactions, real life business scenarios and guest speakers from the business community. DECA’s mission is to prepare emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe. Its guiding principles include academically prepared, community oriented, professionally responsible and experienced leaders. DECA is one incredible choice you can make to ensure a brighter future for yourself!

2. There are competitions and conferences all throughout the year.

They go by levels. You attend these conferences depending on how good you do on every competition. Regional is the first competition (in some areas, it is known as Area Competition or District Competition) followed by the Association Career Development Conference (CDC) or Provincial Competition (Canada) and the last one is the International Career Development Conference (ICDC). The location changes for this conference every year. Last year it was in Orlando, Fla., and this year it is going to be in Nashville, Tenn. To see just how incredible #DECAICDC is, watch this year’s promo video here.

3. You’re going to have TONS of fun.

Take advantage of every opportunity and activity happening in your chapter and association. DECA is more than just a business organization – DECA gives you the opportunity to grow as a professional by working on leadership and interpersonal skills, while also meeting with people from all around the world.

4. Being you is the best thing you can do.

Everyone is remarkable at something and being yourself is probably the best thing you could be! Every member in DECA is always willing to make you feel part of the group. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and be silly around your DECA friends. DECA is a “no judgement” zone! When you believe in yourself, you’ll be able to tackle the project you didn’t think you could handle or crush the competition you weren’t sure if you were ready for.

5. You’re going to turn into a real professional.

How many of your friends know how to act during a professional interview or business meeting? How many high school students get experience talking and meeting with industry experts? DECA is going to give you so many experiences that you would have never been able to be a part of before. You’re going to learn everything you need to know about being a professional, like how to give a firm handshake, maintain eye contact, and how to avoid saying “um” during presentations.

So now that you know everything you need to know about DECA – are you ready to start your EPIC year?

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