AT&T Mentors Gear Up For Another EPIC Year With DECA

It’s a happy new year for thousands of DECA chapters around the world as schools open their doors for the new academic year.

For five schools, the new year means continuation of their participation in the AT&T/DECA project that began in January 2015.

DECA received a contribution from AT&T, through the company’s signature education initiative, AT&T Aspire. This collaboration provides students the opportunity to visit AT&T work sites and helps them connect what they are learning in the classroom to future careers.

The project that began in January will continue throughout the current school year for participating schools in Atlanta, Dallas, Orlando, Philadelphia, and Seattle. DECA advisors and AT&T employees participating in Aspire Mentoring Academy are scheduling events and activities that will integrate the volunteers into our Comprehensive Learning Program at the local, state, and international levels.

Using DECA’s Comprehensive Learning Program as their model, DECA advisors and AT&T mentors designed unique action plans based on the resources and talent available in each location. Students will visit AT&T work sites as their chapter connects to business. Their visits will include tours, team building exercises, and glimpses of the variety of career opportunities available at AT&T. 

Together the DECA advisors and AT&T employees decide on topics for classroom presentations. The employees will share their knowledge and expertise on numerous curricular areas as they integrate into classroom instruction.

By providing DECA members with exposure to career pathways and skills, we are helping them become college and career ready. As an extension of the classroom experience, some employees will assist individuals or small groups of students in preparation for DECA competition.

The additional mentoring as each student applies learning in anticipation for competition in role-play or written events provides a realistic approach to preparation.

All DECA members in the five schools are experiencing a #beDECAepic year! They will be represented in great numbers at regional and state conferences as they join the thousands of DECA members promoting competition. Are you ready for #DECAICDC in Nashville?

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