Boost SBE Sales with School Spirit Promotions

Many school-based enterprises have been faced with the challenge of adapting their product offerings to comply with the USDA’s new healthy guidelines for foods sold in schools.

As a way to make up for reduced sales of food items, your SBE could consider other creative ways to keep business booming – such as a school spirit promotion.

Teaming up with your school’s sports teams to create “fan themes” is a great way to ignite school spirit and generate sales at the same time.

Here are four tips for a successful school spirit promotion:

1. DECA leaders meet with representatives from the student body prior to the start of the sports season to create themes.

This helps create buy-in from the student body that will help support the SBE’s efforts to provide merchandise for sale. You may look to the opponent’s mascot to help come up with the theme or check Pinterest for some trending ideas.

2. Meet early enough to have time to order product.

Depending on the items you purchase you may need to allow for more production time. Have student managers research vendors for the best prices, products, and turnaround times.

3. Keep it simple.

Don’t over think the items you decide to sell. Most students will come up with creative costumes; your item(s) can be a piece of the look, not the entire look, keeping the costs/prices manageable.

Check out these examples:


Spirit Item


School logo bucket hats


Red, white, and blue bandanas


Glow items



4. Create a social media fan page to promote the theme and merchandise.

Instagram is a great way to show students what the theme could look like and promote the merchandise you are selling. Giving students a visual gets them excited to participate!

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