Give Your Forgotten Display Case a Face Lift

Getting the attention of your student body can be difficult, especially when you’re trying to promote your DECA chapter or SBE! However, utilizing a large space, like a display case, can be a great way to grab people and pull them in your door.

My school’s SBE has had our display case for numerous years, but it never really looked very appealing because nobody gave it the time, attention and effort that it deserved. This turned our display case into something that was often overlooked, and made our DECA chapter look bad for doing such a poor job.

Finally, a fellow officer and I took the initiative to make a difference! We hung up a bed sheet in place of construction paper, built custom tables to put our chapters trophies on, hung up framed pictures of our chapter members, displayed DECA pennants, put in accent lights, and made a custom DECA diamond!

After all of our work, our display case was not only something that our chapter was proud of, but it is unarguably the best display in the entire school. Our display case really showed students and parents at events such as Back to School Night and Orientation; that DECA was the club to join, because our display shined above all the rest!

This just goes to show you, that a little bit of hard work and the right amount of creativity can really give your DECA chapter the reputation that it deserves!

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