5 Ways to FUNdraise This Fall

As the #SummerofDECA comes to a close, the year of DECA is only just beginning!

A new school year means creating a Program of Work for the year, welcoming in new members, and of course, struggling to find new ways to raise money for your chapter.

Throughout my time as a chapter president, I found a few easy ways to raise money quickly.

Here are just a few of my favorite ideas to have some fun while fundraising:

  1. Find an item to sell in your DECA store that is irresistible! Last year, my chapter partnered with a local frozen yogurt store to sell frozen yogurt cups out of the DECA store. Even in the middle of winter, the frozen yogurt was flying out of the freezer! Depending on your school’s health regulations, you can even opt for sugar-free frozen yogurt or sell fro-yo during athletic events.
  2. Fundraise with local restaurants. Many locally owned restaurants are looking to bring in more business, especially during the end of autumn, which means they will be willing to grant more fundraising opportunities to groups like DECA chapters.
  3. Host a movie night! Fall is a time of cooler evenings, which is perfect weather for a quiet movie night with friends. Borrow the school auditorium for an evening, pop some popcorn, and open the DECA store for concessions! If you charge a couple of dollars for admission and rent a new release from Redbox or have a Disney sing-a-long, you could have a huge turnout from your classmates.
  4. Host a raffle at a football game. Football season is a busy time of year for sport enthusiasts in the community. If you have a 50/50 raffle, you can sell tickets for $1 and split the proceeds with the winner of the drawing.
  5. Have a dodgeball or volleyball tournament. If you charge a team sign-up fee and sell tickets for the tournament, you can make money and get your school excited to support their friends and your DECA chapter. It takes some work to coordinate the tournament, but at the end of the day, it’s a fun way to get your whole school involved.

Fundraising can be painful if you struggle to find a successful event, but with these great ideas, you may be able to put the FUN in fundraising.

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