How to Have an EPIC Student Based Enterprise

Whether your DECA School-based Enterprise is the hottest spot in your school or a new venture for your DECA chapter, there are tons of ways to make an EPIC year for your SBE!

How to Have an EPIC Staff:

  • The first couple of weeks of school can be pretty over whelming for your SBE staff members. Consider hosting a meet and greet for your SBE employees so that any new members can meet older students and everyone can get more comfortable with each other before the work begins. 
  • Consider having your tech-savvy teenage employees utilize social media this year to help spread the word about your SBE to fellow classmates. Some posts may include special sales happening or exclusive deals that only your followers will know (ie. show this tweet to receive 5% off your order today!). Be sure to have signs around your store promoting your social media pages so customers can follow you.

How to Have a Successful Profit-Earning Year:

  • Start off the year right with a back to school sales event. You would be surprised how many students will forget their composition notebooks and pencils at home.
  • Plan on holding holiday sales promotions this year. Instead of letting your products sit there over Christmas break, offer different incentives, like buy one get one 50% off, to clear out that extra inventory. This is a great way to help students stock up on holiday gifts too!
  • Try creating bundle options in your store this fall! Sweat pants, t-shirts, and jackets are necessities, so why not have an option where students can purchase all three together for a convenient price?
  • Pick a day where students can come in earlier or stay later to purchase products. Expanding your store hours to be open outside of normal school hours can make shopping more convenient for students.

How to Promote Your SBE:

  • Promote your SBE to parents by sending home flyers with students at the beginning of the year, or advertising at local business in the community. Parents of rising freshman will definitely love the opportunity to get school spirit gear for the new year for both their student and themselves!
  • A newspaper article is a great way to attract family members of the students, and alumni that would love t-shirt for the next big sporting event.
  • Hanging posters around school with sales promotions and events going on will catch students’ attention.
  • A decorative display of your newest products will showcase what is available for them to purchase.

I hope these tips and tricks will spark some new ideas for your SBE this year! Remember, you can always share your awesome SBE best practices or success story with DECA Direct Online by sending a short article and photo to

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