How to Show New Members that DECA is Fun

Welcome back to a new year of DECA and fun! As you begin to discover what you want to do in order to start planning for the school year, it is easy to forget to plan the fun stuff.

This article contains a couple of tips to on how to incorporate fun, social activities into your DECA plans for the year. This is a great way to open the doors to potential members who were unsure what DECA was all about and to expand your membership reach.

It's Time to Party!

A great way to spark interest is to have a social or an event that may have absolutely nothing to do with DECA, but gets current members out there meeting new or potential members. This shows that we are so much more than our gorgeous brains, but also fun and social students! Why not host a tailgate for a fall sport to help show support to your team. A lot of team members would be willing to join because you supported them.


A school assembly is a great way to boost school spirit, especially during the fall. Partner with other clubs, organizations and sports teams and get going! You can have competition cheerleaders put on a show and do a fun skit or silly competition with some of your school’s favorite teachers.  Set up a DECA booth outside the event to give people to chance to learn more about the coolest club in school.

Social Media

Boost your chapter’s social media presence by hosting fun contests on Twitter and Instagram. See you can get the most retweets, or have a photo contest for the back-to-school season. Use your DECA sponsors to give the winner a gift certificate for a local restaurant, or give them free apparel from your school store. This is a great way to gain followers from non-DECA members in your school and show off your fun side too.

DECA doesn’t mean business all the time, and showing your school and community your fun side is a great way to introduce all the benefits of DECA membership to students who thought it just wasn’t for them. Get creative and get going!

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