3 Tips for Presenting in Groups

For some people, presenting on their own is the scariest thought imaginable. With so much to memorize and nobody to call on for help, it can definitely be a stressful situation!

Therefore, many DECA members feel more comfortable competing in groups. However, groups can have flaws too! Sometimes the group can be dominated by one person speaking too much, or different personalities clash when the pressure gets turned on.

Here are some tips to make your group presentation as professional as possible:

  1. Make sure that you all speak equal amounts. The last thing you want is for one person to do all of the talking while others stay silent.
  2. Work together to answer questions. Make a rule with your group that whoever knows the answer should go for it! If you think of something else that your partner didn't say, feel free to add on to what they said when they are done. The judge would rather here multiple people say the correct answer than total silence.
  3. Coordinate outfits with each other. It looks much more professional if the entire group is in sync and members do not clash with one another.
  4. While one of your partners is presenting, be sure that you don't play with your hair or clothing, gaze off to the side, or look distracted and uninterested. Make sure that you are looking at either your partner or the judge and show interest in what is being said.

Overall, just make sure that you and your partners are on the same page and remember that if you're engaged, the judge will be too. Good luck!

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