Top 5 Membership Campaign Ideas

As we enter into the new school year, many chapters will be asking the same daunting question: “How can we increase our membership?”

Well no need to fear, there are plenty of ways to increase your membership that can work for just about any chapter.

Check out just a few of the many membership campaign ideas below:

  1. Hang Posters

This is one of the easiest ways to get the word out about DECA at your school. Create signs to hang throughout the school, especially in high traffic areas such as the entrance or the cafeteria.

  1. DECA Announcements

What better way to reach the masses than to put a DECA blurb out on your school-wide announcements? If your announcements are on a screen, create a fun and energetic promotional video to draw in new members. If you don’t have announcements, have your returning members and officer team go to homerooms and hand out promotional materials while giving a short presentation.

  1. DECA Lunch Booth

Setting up a DECA information booth during lunch is a great way to reach a large number of potential members. Have existing members and officers man the booth and hand out materials or answer any potential questions. Giving away fun items like candy is always a great way to attract traffic!

  1. Info Sessions

Host an informational meeting for potential members. During the meeting, consider showing a promotional video, having existing members share their DECA stories, and explaining what DECA is and what opportunities they have throughout the year.

  1. Professionals and Alumni

Don’t forget about professional and alumni members! Have upperclassmen reach out to their friends who recently graduated and ask them about joining as alumni members. For professional members, parents are a great option! Many members’ parents qualify as professional members and are very willing to join as professional members to help out the chapter. On top of that, have returning members and officers go around to local businesses explaining what DECA is and asking if anyone would like to join. Not only is this a great way to get members, but it also doubles as a great advocacy tool.

If you want even more ideas, use your resources! Reach out to other chapters both within and outside of your association, ask for ideas through Twitter or check out all the awesome ideas on DECA Direct Online.

There are plenty of ideas out there if you need more. Remember to use the skills you learned through DECA and be creative when advertising all the benefits of DECA membership. Not only are these great ways to attract members, but you are also applying your marketing skills that you learn in DECA!

Special thanks East Stroudsburg South DECA for sharing their awesome membership recruitment ideas.

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