How to Tackle DECA's Promotional Campaign

Tackling DECA’s Promotional Campaign can seem like a tough task, but most chapters accomplish the campaign without realizing it!

Completing the campaign means participating in three school outreach activities, three community outreach activities, and recording three DECA alumni success stories.

While each chapter may have different outreach activities, here are a few ways every chapter can complete the Promotional Campaign:

  1. Plan your activities when you create your Program of Leadership. It’s easier to accomplish your nine goals if you start off the year with a plan and a timeline.
  2. Set deadlines for each event. With the campaign due on December 1, you have about five months to complete your campaign, so create a calendar for when you will complete each activity and conduct alumni interviews.
  3. Utilize social media. Social media is a great way to spread the word about your outreach activities. It’s also a great tool to find DECA alumni that are looking to engage with DECA members.
  4. Encourage alumni to make chapter visits. DECA alumni have great experience and advice! If you can get them to talk to your chapter, not only will you have a chance to hear their success stories, you can learn countless lessons from them and even get them involved in judging local events, outreach activities, community service, and maybe even fundraising.
  5. Record everything. Remember to take lots of pictures and videos of every activity. Jot down the number of participants involved in outreach activities so your chapter can track its success; keeping track will also help submitting your campaign much easier.

Completing the Promotional Campaign has many benefits; not only do awards include the opportunity to earn a certificate, pennant, plaque, flag, and even three allocations to attend the THRIVE Academy at DECA’s International Career Development Conference next April, but you can also spread the word about DECA and help your chapter flourish.

Good luck with your Promotional Campaign this year!

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