How to Get Your Chapter Trending This Year

Now that your chapter has a solid Program of Leadership, you can begin to focus on promoting all the great things your chapter will accomplish throughout the school year.

Thanks to social media, chapters around the globe can start connecting, sharing ideas and supporting the EPIC accomplishments of each other.

Here’s everything you need to know to get your chapter trending:

1. Sharing is Caring

One of the best ways to diversify your social media content is by sharing the stories and experiences of your fellow officers or members. Feature a new member each week, tailoring your social media to their unique DECA story.

Have your featured member choose their favorite #TipTuesday tip or share a #ThrowbackThursday of their favorite conference memory. Not only will this help mix-up your social media accounts, but it also adds personality and encourages your members to get engaged with your chapter’s social media.

 2. Where Are Your Followers?

The most common social media mishap is using the wrong social media outlet for your target audience. As you prepare your chapter’s social media for the upcoming year, use this as a reference:


  • School Administrators
  • Teachers
  • Business Professionals

Twitter & Instagram:

  • Students/Members
  • Alumni

Twitter and Instagram is where you’ll see the majority of your current and prospective members, as well as former high school members who could now join as alumni members.

3. Become DECA Famous

The quickest and best way to promote your chapter’s membership and accomplishments is by expanding the amount of people who see your content. If your chapter doesn’t have a lot of followers on social media, remember that @DECAInc does and is here to help you!

DECA Direct is an online resource of articles written by DECA members, staff, alumni, and business partners. In fact, you’re reading this article on DECA Direct right now! By writing a DECA Direct article, your chapter will be promoted across DECA’s social media platforms, maximizing your chapter’s exposure.

You can get started writing articles by becoming a DECA Direct Social Media Correspondent here.

This year is the year to be EPIC as a chapter on social media. Follow these three tips to get a jumpstart on your chapter’s social media and you’ll be ready to #beDECAepic on the first day of school!          

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