Why Should I Join DECA?

“Why should I join DECA?”

That’s a question almost every single DECA member has heard from their friends or classmates.

Most answers turn out to be a brief, “It’s fun,” or, “You learn a lot,” but what is the real answer?

DECA is a truly inspirational organization that changes peoples’ lives for the better. DECA is considered to be a spectacular decision that will impact your future in a positive way, just ask any current DECA member or alumni!

The training, competing, and learning members do in DECA only rewards them down the road. DECA teaches necessary life skills, helps create connections throughout your state, country, and maybe even the world, and is one of the most enjoyable high school experiences you'll ever be a part of.

From competitiveness to sportsmanship, DECA teaches you many valuable life lessons. The fire of competition is cultivated during DECA's association and international Career Development Conferences, and is fueled by the constant practicing and perfecting thousands of DECA members do to earn their way to the international stage. Caring for your chapter members and helping others is a cherished aspect of the DECA culture and is a great skill to have for the future.

Sportsmanship is taught in DECA by realizing that whether or not you win doesn’t determine the ultimate outcome of your membership experience. It teaches members how to handle certain situations, such as trying again in tough circumstances or keeping your cool while receiving your award. Dedication and practice is needed in both DECA, and your future profession. These life skill are a necessity, wherever life happens to take you.

During DECA’s International Career Development Conference, members meet other members from around the country and even the world! Getting to know people from around the world is one of the greatest parts of joining DECA. From competitors to advisors, these fellow DECA members will become your friends and family. The more people you know and the more connections you have, the better of a chance you will have of surviving and prospering in this cutthroat world of ours.

Not only will these connections help you in the future, but they will also inspire you to work harder right now. However, conferences are not the only place to make connections. People in your chapter that you haven’t met yet could become the best friend you ever had or help you through DECA and the rest of your life. Through these conferences and attending meetings, you will make connections and friends that will affect you for a lifetime.

All in all, DECA is one high school activity that you should join immediately. The life skills that you will gain through DECA will help you survive in the future. The friends and connections you gain will pay you back later through advice and care. Most importantly, you will have the time of your life!

Be sure to join DECA and experience this once in a lifetime opportunity!

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