Tips to Help Your Chapter Succeed in a Chapter Event

If you are up for a challenge and want to dive deeper into the business world, then a chapter project is a great idea!

Chapter events are large-scale projects that implement and evaluate an activity done in the community, and DECA’s comprehensive list of competitive events includes six types.

Signing up for a chapter project can be equally daunting to first-year members, veterans, and international champions alike, but luckily, these tips can help members ace their chapter event!

  1. Start Early.

Amador Valley DECA prides itself in the success of chapter projects at the international level. One of the main reasons why our chapter does so well is because chapter teams are selected within the month following DECA’s International Career Development Conference. This lets the participants plan and work on their respective events during the summer, allowing the idea to be executed immediately when school starts.

  1. Advertise, Advertise, Advertise!

Once you have an idea planned out and it is ready to be executed, a vital step in making this project thrive is to advertise! Advertise as much as possible, either through social media, lunchtime announcements or flyers, in order to ensure that your activity will have an adequate amount of participants.

  1. Be Creative.

Another key to making a chapter event successful is to make sure your project is creative. In other words, do something to help you stand out! A creative idea will not only attract attention from your chapter members, but it will also help engage your judge at competitions. Be willing to take risks – creativity is not something to fear!

Although chapter events require a great deal of work and dedication, this does not mean you cannot have fun! Having fun is also an essential part in a successful chapter project. Keep this and the tips mentioned above in mind when planning chapter activities for the year and you’ll be off to an EPIC start!

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