Top 3 Tips for Planning Your POL

A lot goes into an EPIC year, but one of the best ways to secure your chapter’s success is by creating a Program of Leadership.

A POL (also known as Program of Work) is a list of specific goals to accomplish in the upcoming year.

Here are the top three things to keep in mind when planning your Program of Leadership:

1. Plan With the End In Mind           

What does success look like in your chapter, school, and community? Is it thirty chapter members at ICDC or $1,000 raised for your local MDA chapter? Determine where you want your chapter to be by the end of the year and plan your goals accordingly.

2. Incorporate DECA’s Guiding Principles

Your chapter’s goals should touch upon DECA’s Guiding Principles of being academically prepared, community oriented, professionally responsible, and experienced leaders. This will provide your chapter with a diverse set of goals and will also ensure members are becoming well-rounded, intentional leaders.

3. Set Ranges of Success

Establish a range of success for each of your goals, using DECA as a guide:

            Duty – absolute lowest level of success your chapter will accept

            Exceptional – the real goal you are seeking as a team

            Champion – your highest goal, which would set your chapter among the best

            Actual – where your chapter currently stands in relation to your goals

By setting a range of success, your chapter won’t limit success to one specific number and will also help identify areas of further improvement in the future.

Be sure to regularly check back to your Program of Leadership with your officer team and members throughout the year, helping to chart your progress and make this year EPIC!

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