5 Fantastic Ways to Engage Members Before School

You don’t have to wait until school starts to kick off your DECA year!

Start engaging members before even walking into the classroom on the first day.

Here are fives ideas for ways to get your members involved during the #SummerofDECA:

1. Social Media

Everyone loves social media, so why not use it to your advantage? Create a chapter hashtag and encourage members to engage with the chapter and @DECAInc on social media. Consider creating a social media campaign or competition to urge participation on a regular basis. One idea would be to create a photo challenge and have members post everyday using your chapter’s hashtag.

2. Host a Chapter Event

Have chapter officers organize a fun event for all members to attend. This is a great way for members to bond and form relationships before the school year even begins. Consider inviting other local chapters to create a larger network of members! There are many options for events, such as hosting a picnic at a local park or a DECA bowling night!

3. Community Service Activity

Nothing brings people together better than DECA and helping others! Sign your chapter up for a community clean up event or volunteer at a local charity. This is also a great time to host your first Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) fundraiser! Consider hosting an end of the summer barbeque or charity carnival and donate the proceeds to MDA.

4. Survey Members

As an officer, it is important that you do what is best for your members and get them as involved as possible! What better way to do that than to ask the members directly what they want out of the officer team and their year in DECA? Create a survey with questions about what events, fundraisers, and competitions they are interested in and distribute it to your members. Use these responses to tailor your plans for the upcoming school year.

5. Host a Study Session

It is never too early to start studying for competition! Make sure your chapter has an EPIC year at competitions by providing members with the resources and practice necessary to be successful. Distribute practice exams and have upperclassmen or alumni act as judges for role-plays!

The #SummerofDECA will be over before you know it, so don’t waste another minute and start planning your chapter activity now!

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