Staying on Your DECA Grind in the Summertime

During the summer, it’s easy to kick back and watch Netflix all day, however, the #SummerofDECA is the perfect time to work on staying at the top of your DECA game.

With a seemingly endless amount of hours to spare, the summer provides a great opportunity to improve your test and role-play scores.

Here are five ways to stay on your DECA grind this summer:

  1. Make flashcards of cluster exam questions and answer 10 each day.
  2. Keep up with business trends through online media such as Flipboard and the Wall Street Journal.
  3. Do practice role-plays at least twice a week.
  4. Spend an hour of your television time watching programs on the Travel Channel, ESPN, and Food Network for inspiration to keep your role-plays original.
  5. Take pictures of unique moments during your vacations. If a hotel, restaurant, tour, or store has a new marketing strategy or amenity, snap a picture to give you ideas for your next role-play.

The summer is meant to enjoy a break from hard work and school, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be productive!

DECA members are dedicated to improving year round, so if you want to make it on stage in Nashville next April, make this #SummerofDECA count.

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